We are Marilyn’s Secret

We are Marilyn’s secret a social networking community for women only; providing a safe judgment free place for us to be our authentic selves.

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Who We Are

We are Marilyn’s Secret, a private women’s only social networking community designed for the specific purpose of keeping women’s identities safe and anonymous while uplifting and supporting women in all communities around the world.



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Our Goal

We want to ensure that the community stays women only, as we value the privacy of all of our users.  We aim to provide women with a secure community that ensures that their identities, pictures, and anything else that they post will be kept private unless they other wise choose to change it.  We also aim to provide a comfort zone where women can be as open and expressive as they would like without the fear of negative repercussions.

What women are saying…

I truly feel safe in this community.  The ability to express my thoughts with no fear of retribution has been very therapeutic.

Laila C.

The women in this community rock! Strong, fearless, motivated, and most of all honest about real life issues we all face as women!

Courtney L.

I always thought I was alone in the way I dealt with certain situations in my life, until I joined Marilyn’s Secret. It was there I met many women who felt the same way as I do, and we are able to lean on one another and get through the tough times.

Cindy M.

Of the 3,000 friends that I have on Facebook, there may be two who I am comfortable showing the real me. The fear of people finding out certain aspects of my life keeps me from opening up. When I joined Marilyn’s Secret, I no longer had any issues being my real self and was welcomed by other women with open arms.

Melissa R.

I always felt that I needed to be normal to fit in with others. When I joined Marilyn’s Secret, the women there helped me to realize that the illusion of being normal stops you from reaching your true potential. I never knew how amazing I was, until I joined this community.

Rebecca J.

In high school, I was the popular, bubbly, beautiful cheerleader whom everyone loved, until I was in a terrible accident that left permanent visible scars all over my body. I lost friends and felt alone because I no longer felt beautiful. Then I came across Marilyn’s Secret. The women in the community helped me to regain my confidence and assured me that no matter how many scars I have, as long as truth and honesty are written on my face, I will always be beautiful.

Ginger B.